Oyesor Ozaka

Local Farmer looking for .5-2 acres of land in Forsyth County for rent to cultivate on. Planning to produce crops and maybe a small scale livestock system. Will be a good steward using organic methods

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Location: Davidson, Forsyth

Total acres 3.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 1.0

Acres of pasture 1.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 1.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed), Lease (1 to 5 Years), Lease (5+ Years), Lease with Option to Buy. More info: Would love to cultivate crops and livestock in an organic manner as well as being a great steward of the land. In exchange will share production of crops with owner. Also willing to pay when production is being sold and a profit is being made off of land.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Fencing, Greenhouse, Farmer housing, Processing facilities, Irrigation equipment, Cold storage (cooler/freezer). More info: If possible would like to have irrigation equipment and greenhouse. Fencing, barn, farmer housing, processing facilities, and cold storage would be nice but if not available will still work towards those items.

Current production on farm:

Field crops, Flowers, Herbs, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Vegetable production, Vineyard. More info: Interested in organic methods to cultivate staple vegetable crops specialty herbs as crops and some livestock such as poultry for egg production.

Current farming practices:

Biodynamic, Conventional, Certified organic, Transitioning to organic. More info: Really aiming for an organic certified land but if not already will work the land geared towards organic no matter the size.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:

Volunteer, Manager

Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

Farm business training, Higher education in agriculture or related field. More info: Have urban farm experience and also have taken classes in agriculture in cold frames/ season extension, solar panels, and composting. Also have an extensive knowledge of herbs and supplements from working in a health food store for 3 years.

Production goals:

Field crops, Flowers, Orchard, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Vegetable production, Vineyard. More info: Goal is to organically cultivate flowers, crops, and herbs as well as poultry for egg production and fertilizer to fulfill the food desert in local communities of Forsyth County.

Personal experience and production goals summary:

I want to produce Moringa, Ginger, and Turmeric as specialty crops. I also want to produce herbs such as Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Eleuthero, and Ashwaganda. I have an urge to produce cotton also. As far as veggies I want to grow and produce Collards, Kale, Mustard Greens, Peppers of all sorts and Tomatoes of different sorts as well. Livestock is another production goal of mines which is to have chickens and eggs. Along with chickens I do want some cows and sheep. The last but not least thing I want to focus on is a vermicomposting farm also.