Robin Clark

Family of 6 looking for a farm!

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Location: North Central, Chatham, Northeast, Wake, Southeast, Johnston

Total acres 30.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 10.0

Acres of pasture 10.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed), Lease with Option to Buy, Internship / Mentorship. More info: My name is Mike Clark and my wife Robin and I have 4 boys are are looking for a farm. We were both raised on farms and would like to raise our boys in the same manner. I am a general contractor by trade, but would like to have a large enough spread that I can farm as well. I also attended seminary and am hoping to provide some outreach programs for youth on the farm.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Barn, Fencing, Well / Pond / Other water source, Farmer housing. More info: It would be great to have some of these things already in place, but I would also be interested in raw land.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:


Number of years experience:


Production goals:

Cattle (Dairy/Beef), Field crops, Hay or pasture, Orchard, Vegetable production.