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seeking next ag opportunity

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Location: North Central, Forsyth, Guilford, Rockingham, Stokes

Total acres 25.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 0.0

Acres of pasture 15.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 15.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed), Lease (5+ Years), Lease with Option to Buy, Internship / Mentorship, Incubator / Mentored Lease. More info: I am looking to get into farming. I was raised on a beef cattle farm in Caswell county, and wanted to purchase my family's farm. that was not an option for me a few years ago when the farm was sold, and now I am in a better situation to reach this goal. I currently keep chickens for egg production, and eventual slaughter, looking to branch out into a pastured/forested feeder pig operation using the mobile pen idea to limit the impact of farming on the local ecosystem. I have earned my MBA, as well as a B.S. in chemistry and work a regular job so I am not looking to farm because I need to pay my bills, land management has been my calling for most of my life.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Farmer housing. More info: I do not really need a house, but would great to find a farm with a house, so I can sell my home. I can work with many different situations, and open to discussing any opportunity you have.

Current production on farm:

Cattle (Dairy/Beef), Fallow, Field crops, Flowers, Hay or pasture, Herbs, Hogs, Orchard, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Sheep/Goat (Dairy/Meat), Vegetable production, Woodlot or forest products. More info: once again, I am a change agent. Im looking for limited chemical fertilizers, and other treatments, to result in a more natural food product from the land. I can build/repair nearly anything that is on your farm, or I can build what I need permanent or temporary.

Current farming practices:

Ecological production but not certified. More info: I have 2 flocks of laying hens in mobile coops that I designed and built. I move the coops around my yard and allow the birds t forage until the patch is cleared, then move the birds again. I also supplement the birds with feed.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:


Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

Farm business training.

Production goals:

Cattle (Dairy/Beef), Hogs, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Woodlot or forest products. More info: grow a clientele for farm goods in the area that will drive sustainable farming with a holistic practice of land management. products will depend on the farm's assets and products will be managed to improve soil quality and increase biological activity in the land. open to aquaculture and various (non-lumber) forest products. I am not interested in cutting any forest for the purpose of making income, but have previous experience managing woodlots/ forests. the farm's animal production will also not hinder wildlife the uses the farm as a path or trail.

Personal experience and production goals summary:

I ran a business that managed woodlots, and forests, as well as fixing homes, cars, and anything else that was broken. I worked as a auto diesel mechanic when I was in school earning my BS in Chemistry. I worked in pharmaceuticals for 13 years, then earned my MBA and work in a metal plating operation in Martinsville, Va. I currently keep 2 flocks of layers and sell the eggs just to cover the feed costs. looking to expand my experience with hogs or more. I have stocked ponds growing up in caswell (including checking the chemistry and biological demands of the aquatic ecosystem through various methods) I have also installed many ornamental fish ponds and kept them running on a sustainable schedule through more natural means (not chemical treated pools with fish). most importantly, I am quick to admit I don't know something, and quick to research and learn it.