Millie's Mountain

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County: Yancey

Location: Burnsville

Total acres 89.0

Acres of cropland/tillable land 1.0

Acres of pasture 12.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 0.0

Property Description

Article/interview: Video:

Type of opportunity

  • Lease (1 to 5 Years)
  • Business Partnership

Type of opportunity - more info

We would love to see the land in active production and can imagine fruits, orchards, small scale livestock, a market garden or greenhouse thriving on the property. However, we value our privacy and at least initially feel a relationship with a farmer or farm family that can live nearby and farm on the property would be ideal. We are open to exploring how this might work with the right people. We are also open to some work or food trade in exchange for a portion of the rent. The nature of our relationship will largely depend on the trust and respect we build with the young farmers, and how well our visions for the land and its stewardship can align with one another.

Equipment & infrastructure

  • Barn
  • Well / Pond / Other water source

Equipment & infrastructure - more info

We have a number of buildings including a former tobacco barn, former haybarn, farmhouse, offices and guesthouse, as well as a good sewer system, and water in various locations. Some provide gathering space. We have spring water with a 1000 gallon cistern which is sufficient for the buildings (not sure about irrigation for plants). We have an ATV that might be available, depending on the arrangements. No housing available at this time, but might consider later, depending on the overall situation and skillset of the person/family.

Current and past farming practices

  • Certified organic

Current and past farming practices - more info

Rotational grazing: my mom and dad had a dozen cows here for about 30 years up til about 2006 and they grazed both on the entry way fields as well as on the two pastures up above, mowed occasionallyThe land has a special place in the heart of our family. It was bought and cared for as a summer home, garden, and cow raising pasture by my parents for 40 years until they passed. It has also been a wonderful “place of meeting” that has brought people of all backgrounds together for the common good. Now we live here full time and intend to stay, continuing the tradition our parents began and use the land as a space to build & invest in the future of local community.

Conservation easements or other protection programs

Forestry Present Use Value, but nothing else. We hope to have it under a conservation easement eventually.