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County: McDowell

Location: Old Fort

Total acres 125.0

Acres of cropland/tillable land 20.0

Acres of pasture 40.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 0.0

Property Description

Organic farm with fertile 12 acre river bottom ideal for organic fruit and vegetable production. Newly installed, secure 18 acre goat or sheep pasture. Small herd of French Oberhasli goats on premise. Owners wants to diversify farm to include organic vegetable production, organic chickens, dairy goats and sheep. Contact information: Lynn Morris Khan (828) 668-0812

Type of opportunity

  • Lease (1 to 5 Years)
  • Business Partnership

Equipment & infrastructure

  • Barn
  • Fencing
  • Well / Pond / Other water source
  • Livestock facilities
  • Farmer housing

Equipment & infrastructure - more info

18 acres of newly installed, woven wire goat fencing, 6' high. Access roads and access to water. Possible housing for farmer as a live-in arrangement in existing farmhouse, providing there are no indoor pets or smoking.

Current production on farm

  • Fallow
  • Sheep/Goat (Dairy/Meat)

Current and past farming practices

  • Ecological production but not certified

Additional aspects

Under Present Use Value (PUV) tax program.There are also conservation contracts relating to water quality and wildlife management.