Troutlily Farm

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County: Madison

Location: 17 miles from Hot Springs on Max Patch Mountain/Appalachian Trail

Total acres 10.0

Acres of cropland/tillable land 1.5

Acres of pasture 1.5

Property Description

Part of the Commons of a farm-centered conservation community (The Preserve at Elk Knob), Troutlily Farm consists of: 100 mostly heirloom (bearing) apple trees, various other other fruit trees (peach, cherry, pear, mulberry, nut trees); vegetable gardens in raised beds, terraces, and open areas; 100 blueberry shrubs, 50 asparagus, other perennial edible plants and medicinal herbs, 200 Christmas Trees, 200 shiitake logs; 2 log cabins, canning/herb drying/fermentation building w/clean room, w/refridg/freeze/cider press/other equipment, hoop greenhouse, well, electricity, flush toilet bathroom w/shower coppiced forest areas, other forested areas, forest crops (ramps), about 2 acres meadow/pastures (unfenced), 30 ducks/30 chickens (all layers), 1 beehive; hand tools, small tractor (John Deere 855). equipment and some materials on hand. Also a small lodge/B&B nearby can be considered as part of the income/lease situation.

Type of opportunity

  • Lease (1 to 5 Years)
  • Internship / Mentorship
  • Incubator / Mentored Lease

Type of opportunity - more info

We are most interested in providing a place for hands-on learning for those seeking to try out farm life or continue education/experience already started. We seek a sustainable situation that pays for itself (taxes, utilities, insurances, direct and indirect costs) all other income goes to the intern/lessee). The lease rate will be based on a pro-rated share of these costs.

Equipment & infrastructure

  • Barn
  • Fencing
  • Well / Pond / Other water source
  • Greenhouse
  • Livestock facilities
  • Farmer housing
  • Farm equipment
  • Processing facilities
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Cold storage (cooler/freezer)

Equipment & infrastructure - more info

See in general description above

Current production on farm

  • Fallow
  • Woodlot or forest products
  • Orchard
  • Vegetable production
  • Poultry (Broiler/Layer)

Current production on farm - more info

See in general description above

Current and past farming practices

  • Biodynamic
  • Ecological production but not certified