Shruthi Dhoopati

Seeking vineyard land in Weaverville, NC

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Total acres 15.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 15.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed), Lease with Option to Buy, Business Partnership, Employment with Transfer. More info: Dear Land Owners, I have been growing grapes for 3 years and got my masters degree in Viticulture and Enology. I am looking for sloped south, east, or southeast facing slopes to plant grapes in Weaverville, NC. Preferred sites have less rainfall than surrounding areas in western NC. If you are in an area that it is difficult to grow other crops because of low rainfall, it would be perfect to plant grapes. The process is quite long, taking 3 years until the first harvest. I would prefer to buy rather than lease as they would be in the ground for 30+years. I would like to build a winery on site and would need a place to store farm equipment as well. Ideally we could live on the property.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Barn, Well / Pond / Other water source, Farmer housing, Farm equipment. More info: We will need to purchase a tractor and a place to store it. There must be a place to build a barn and winery. I would like to build a winery onsite and we would prefer to live onsite. Farmer housing would be ideal but not necessary if the land is affordable and we can buy/ build a house elsewhere.

Current production on farm:


Current farming practices:

None, the property is not being farmed. More info: I am looking for properties with rocky, shallow soils not rich, fertile soils. Ideally, there has not been a lot of disturbance to the soil structure, although something that has already been cleared is ideal. The soil should be well draining. Pasture land seems the easiest option in that it is clear open land, not a lot of trees, good air drainage, and sloping.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:

Volunteer, Employee, Manager

Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

Higher education in agriculture or related field. More info: My farm experience 2 seasons in volunteering at an organic vegetable and flower farm 4 seasons interning at different vineyards 1 season working at a vineyard 2 seasons managing a vineyard

Production goals:

Field crops, Flowers, Hay or pasture, Sheep/Goat (Dairy/Meat), Vineyard. More info: I plant to plant 10-20 acres of grapes, probably starting with just a few. The goal is to use some biodynamic practices and have a sustainable vineyard. Current production where I work and with wine grapes in the southeastern US is almost all conventional. I would like to research different options on our farm and develop organic programs. I have currently been consulting other grape growers with organic grape growing.

Personal experience and production goals summary:

I am very passionate about winemaking and grape growing. I believe wine is one of the few products  that can truly express the soil in all its nuances. I worked in restaurants since I high school and developed my interest in wine. I went on to do internships at vineyards and wineries in Washington State, Tuscany in Italy, the Mosel River Valley in Germany, and Sauternes in France. I then went on to get my masters of science in viticulture (growing grapes) and enology (winemaking) through the Vinifera Euromaster program through Montpellier SupAgro in France. It was an international program through the best winemaking schools in Europe and we had teachers coming from all over the world. I currently work at a 6 acre vineyard in Leicester, NC and manage the vineyard. I work the vines, determine the timing of every vineayrd activity including making the spray schedule and making harvest decisions. I also am the winemaker there and so I am able to grow as well as process the grapes into the final retail product.

I grew up in Durham, NC and I love NC. I'd like to stay here and believe in the potential of a flourishing grape and wine industry in in the state. I believe Weaverville is the best place to plant grapes. Wine grapes are very sensitive and specific to where they are planted so I must find that right piece of land. I hope to show the potential of NC as a world class wine region and bring agritourism rather than strip malls and developments to the area.


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