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Total acres 10.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 5.0

Acres of pasture 4.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 1.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Lease (1 to 5 Years), Lease (5+ Years), Lease with Option to Buy, Internship / Mentorship, Incubator / Mentored Lease, Employment, Employment with Transfer. More info: I am a 55 year old woman at a turning point in my life. I transitioned to the south nearly 5 years ago from Brooklyn NY with my life-partner, Sly and our son Shea (he will be 13 soon!) I worked in the restuarant industry my entire adult life, Sly is a pastry chef by trade but works as a corporate cafe cook. He was born and raised in Tobago; a place where gardens are as naturally occurring as breath. I have gardened my entire life- from large backyard spaces on CT's shoreline to a fire escape in Brooklyn. I currently "borrow" as much space as possible in my townhome community. We are looking to farm, to homestead & CSA- we three have a dream to regenerate the earth and feed others.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Barn, Fencing, Well / Pond / Other water source, Greenhouse, Farmer housing, Farm equipment, Processing facilities, Irrigation equipment. More info: In this time of covid19 when my job working in public schools has stalled, I am researching grants for minorities and farming. As a 55 year old white woman, currently working (and nearly done) on my undergraduate degree in food justice & peaceful conflict resolution- loving and living with a black man- we are minorities that are looking to transform a small space in the world out of the mess we are in. I have a bucketfull of tools- and between us we have 6 willing hands, 3 creative minds, and 3 strong backs.

Current production on farm:

Fallow, Flowers, Herbs, Honey bees, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Vegetable production. More info: Our dream is to have vegetables and begin or join a CSA cohort. In addition to local vegetables we would like to offer eggs, bread, crackers, and savory items- pickles, pestos, sauces, etc. Our super dream is to add an educational piece to the community and farther- Our super super dream is to have a SMALL area where we could create and serve the "localist" meals a few times a month.

Current farming practices:

Biodynamic, Conventional, Certified organic, Transitioning to organic, Ecological production but not certified. More info: I am currently learning permaculture ideals but am open an willing to learn as much as possible I have never used pesticides and won't. My main purpose, my family's main purpose is to stand where we are, root ourselves deeply, honor the earth, nurture garden spaces, grow, and mindfully feed others. Our intention is to prevent large industry farming from spreading I do not want to march or simply discuss all that is wrong I want to work in a space to make it different and better-

Qualifications and goals:

Other qualifications:

More info: I have never farmed- I have only gardened. I am not naive I know that this is tremedous work But I am willing, more than willing Life has worn me down- or more accurately life's rhetoric. I don't want to listen to the b.s. anymore, i want to get my hands really dirty, I want my knees to ache more than they already do, I want to fall into bed at night exhausted but gratified in knowing I have done the most honest work of all. I do not know everything about anything, but I do not about somethings. My father had a llama farm in Rutherford- I saw how hard he worked Please know I am not, and i guess i am - a flighty dreamer At 55 this may be my last shot to do good well.

Production goals:

Fallow, Field crops, Honey bees, Orchard, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Sheep/Goat (Dairy/Meat), Vegetable production. More info: Our goals are lofty yet simple Begin with small food production in conjunction with an existing CSA or create one. Add an educational element- not necessarily the typical route of public elementary schools- but along the lines of working with at risk youth- or humans who need a chance and a viable skill. Add prepared food to the CSA list to entice subscribers- homemade breads, crackers, focaccias... Finally to have a small open air local place to create and sell good fresh food

Personal experience and production goals summary:

Sly and I have always had small ventures; in Brooklyn we sold chai kits, cookies, and quick breads through Etsy.  In South Carolina we had a small catering business and we sold items through Greg Johnsman's Geechie Boy Market.  We did private chef work with an unintentional client base of those with dietary restrictions; we are not certified nutritionists, but we can read.  Sly's West Indian heritage is deeply rooted in food as the cure- we move in this space.

In our small townhome space- we do not have a designated yard, we have grown tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squashes, collards, cabbage, cutting flowers, sunflowers (to harvest seeds for our birdfeeders) onions, carrots, potatoes, and herbs. This spring we've added green beans, peas, cow peas.  Out of fascination we have added corn, cantaloupe, spaghetti and butternut squashes.

I have been doing web classes and reading as much as possible- including Compact Farms by Josh Volk

this link connects to the pictures of my tiny townhome farm- I was unable to upload photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oyZxRXzX9i0rSpZQ9