27 acre w/ farmhouse, horse barn , 12+ ac pasture, & 0.5 ac organic garden - Olive Family Farm

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County: Harnett

Location: 1659 NC Hwy 87N 27332

Total acres 27.0

Acres of cropland/tillable land 12.0

Acres of pasture 12.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 12.0

Property Description

The Olive Family Farm is a 27 acre property located on HWY 87N between Sanford and Fayetteville NC. About 3 acres are fenced for horse boarding. There is a barn with five stalls in a one acre pasture fenced with 4 strands of tinsel wire. A second acre has wood fencing and has a shelter for shade as well as a shed with two stalls. There is a small coral though it needs a little board repair. There is only one mini horse boarding currently (cared for by off site owner) though I've turned away many inquiries as I've not had anyone on site to rmanage boarding. Goat fencing surrounds an acre of pines. Threre are two goats (producing milk) and a kid, though I will have to sell them soon if I don't locate a farmer who wants to take them on. 12 acres are unfenced open pasture - with remnants of Bermuda hay. About three acres have been used to raise organic vegetables for the past four years. There are two 30 foot hoop houses erected near the house. The hay fields have been cut and harvested though without fertilizers or pesticides. The hay fields have not been burned off or tilled or any other method used to control weeds.

Type of opportunity

  • Lease (1 to 5 Years)

Type of opportunity - more info

I’m looking for someone to: (1) rent the 2 BR house ($650/mo); (2) Take responsibility for goats (currently have 3) - keep them tame and put them on on tethers to keep weeds down (3) lease the fields for organic farming/hay ($500/yr); (4) manage the horse boarding (50% of any boarding rent in excess of $100/mo in return for fielding potential boarders and maintaining facilities);

Equipment & infrastructure

  • Barn
  • Fencing
  • Well / Pond / Other water source
  • Farmer housing
  • Farm equipment

Equipment & infrastructure - more info

Barns, sheds, stalls and fencing described above. For equipment, there is one working tractor and two mowers. The tenant would need to lease the equipment separately or made some arrangement that incentivizes taking proper care of the equipment. I have two inoperable tractors, and two inoperable balers...don't want more broken junk!

Current production on farm

  • Field crops
  • Hay or pasture

Current and past farming practices

  • Transitioning to organic