Pluck Farm Seeks Sheep Farmer for 12.5 ac Pasture

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County: Orange

Location: Western Orange County along HWY 54

Total acres 57.0

Acres of cropland/tillable land 4.0

Acres of pasture 12.5

Acres of unfenced pasture 11.0

Property Description

Pluck Farm is home to Steel String Brewery's production facility in western Orange County. We have 57 acres in a mix of pastures, woodlands. We are in the process of establishing orchards for native fruits. We are looking for a long term livestock partner to help us build a sustainable agroforestry program.

Type of opportunity

  • Lease (1 to 5 Years)
  • Lease (5+ Years)

Type of opportunity - more info

We are looking for a livestock partner to help manage our pasture land and integrated orchards. The pastures are spread throughout the property and are ~1.5, 1.8, 2.5, and 7 acres. The ideal partner will want a long term lease and help us develop our pasture lands for regenerative grazing and integrated agroforestry. We are most interested in a tenant managing sheep and pastured lamb. Managers would follow regenerative models and be familiar with integrated agroforestry management practices. Preference will be given to farmers of color, indigenous, and non-cis male farmers. The farm will be open on the weekends to the public.

Equipment & infrastructure

  • Fencing
  • Well / Pond / Other water source
  • Processing facilities

Equipment & infrastructure - more info

We currently have our 1.8-acre pasture fenced with high tensile woven wire 48", but plan to perimeter fence additional pastures as needed. We have a 1/2 acre pond that can be used as a water source. We are happy to cost-share additional infrastructure improvements.

Current production on farm

  • Herbs
  • Honey bees
  • Orchard

Current production on farm - more info

We are in the process of establishing new orchards that will focus on native fruit best adapted to the piedmont region and soils - apple, persimmon, mulberry, pawpaw, maypop, chickasaw plum, hazelnut, hickory, pecan, blackberry, blueberry, muscadine. Additionally, the property will serve as the production brewery for Steel String Brewery and will open to the public on weekends.

Current and past farming practices

  • Ecological production but not certified

Current and past farming practices - more info

Previous to our purchase of the property in February 2019 the land was managed as wildlife habitat. Pastures were seeded with native grasses such as Indiangrass and Switchgrass. We are currently working on building soils for the planned orchards using leguminous cover cropping and tilling in compost and leaf mulch. Initial orchard planting will commence this spring and fall. We are some permaculture techniques with a focus on regenerative agroforestry w/ integrated livestock.